Who we are:

CIMAC is a global Software solutions provider serving the semiconductor, disk drive, Solar, and Life-Science industries since 1997. CIMAC specializes in high tech manufacturing software and Business Management solutions integration services. CIMAC is headquartered in San Jose, California @ the heart of Silicon Valley, with a development center located in Sofia, Bulgaria.


What we do

We provide software solutions to help our customers streamline their manufacturing processes, have visibility to their production data, and feed that data to operational business functions, such as order entry, accounting, finance, distribution, and marketing, by implementing Business Management, Financial and Accounting software. The services we offer range in size and type. The three main areas of focus are developing custom software for manufacturing Equipment, implementing Shop Floor Automation solutions, and integrating Enterprise systems. We provide our customers the right software solution to combat their day-to-day challenges, so they can focus on what they you do best & producing good quality products. CIMAC engineers have a proven track record in implementing best-of-breed manufacturing IT solutions. They have extensive software applications knowledge; using the latest Microsoft technologies. When providing solution alternatives to our customers, we leverage our manufacturing domain knowledge and experience to offer the best industry practices and standards.

Why our customers choose us

Our customers approach us with challenging questions: How can production throughput be improved? How can we improve labor productivity? How to improve equipment utilization and yield? Can our capacity meet our forecast? Is Operations running the correct processes? Does the proposed system have what we need? What’s the factory’s current status? What is my tool utilization?

On the manufacturing floor, production managers ask: How can we eliminate run cards? How to optimize tool utilization or get real-time tool status? How to collect data from tools? How to control process drift and unauthorized use of manufacturing tools? We understand all these challenges and have solutions.

If you have similar challenges, call us at (408) 985-4300. Visit our Solutions, Services, and Productspages to learn more about our professional service or products.

Our solutions will enable you to recognize and then seize new opportunities both internally and in the marketplace. We have seen our customers increase product margins, while keeping costs constant. The net effect was to preserve profitability despite lower sales – a universal theme for manufacturers in today’s uncertain economy.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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