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  • Preparing for the future of retail with customer data platforms

    What a year 2020 has been so far! Nobody could have predicted some of the incredible change we have seen. Yet despite all of this change, exceptional customer experiences remain just as important to the success of a brand as ever before.

    Unified data, connected experiences

    Just take your consumer goods business. You are already collecting customer data from many different sources. From marketing campaigns to online purchases, and everything in between. But far too often, this data ends up in silos and isn't used to its full potential. That is why Microsoft is partnering with leading brands like Campari Group to build customer data platforms that enable brands to truly understand customer behavior and intent. And ultimately, deliver more personalized and meaningful customer experiences.

    Campari Group is a leading beverage and spirits manufacturer, with more than 60 brands including Campari, Aperol, Wild Turkey, Skyy, Grand Marnier, and many others. A multigenerational, family-owned business, Campari Group has been passionate about delivering great brand experiences for the consumers who enjoy its products, the bartenders who serve them, the restaurants, bars, and pubs that sell them, and the distributors that keep shelves stocked. They have grown rapidly through acquisitions, each bringing in another IT landscape to assimilate including more than seven martech vendors. And the company works with more than 200 creative and digital agencies that use a variety of different software systems. To gain a 360-degree customer view and enhance the personalization of its marketing, sales, and customer service efforts, Campari Group deployed Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing.

    I had the pleasure of recently sitting down with Chad Niemuth, Vice President, Global IT Marketing and Sales, to learn more about Campari Group's impressive digital journey and how they are getting the most value from Microsoft's customer data platform across the customer journey. Here is an excerpt from our fireside chat:

    Shelley: Campari has made several acquisitions over the years. I can only imagine that is incredibly exciting, but also comes with its own challenges of all the silos from bringing new companies in. So maybe share how this has impacted the business and some of the challenges you have overcome.

    Chad: I would say that the acceleration that occurs as a result of acquisitions is around building scalable approaches that are supported. That includes technology, as well as process. When you consider your intellectual property as your datahow your data is managed and where it is managedand the type of platform that enables that data to be extendable is critical. For us, that is where a great deal of our strategies are focusedhow do we leverage Microsoft Azure? How do we leverage the Dynamics 365 portfolio including Dynamics 365 Customer Insights and Dynamics 365 Marketing? As a result of COVID, how do we accelerate opportunities for our global markets? We are currently distributed in 190 countries. We have 21 direct in-market companies, and 22 manufacturing plants globally. So there is a great deal of information that needs to be spread and silos that need to be broken down in order to deliver a consistent experience for our consumers. And that is our focus: how to move the right data to the right place, at the right time, to make the right decision.

    Shelley: It is obviously a very competitive industry, consumer goods, beers, wines, and spirits. What is top of mind for you, especially given industry trends and especially in this COVID-19 context?

    Chad: During COVID, it has definitely been a dramatic shift in how we manage our relationships. You have got the fact that so many on-premise bars and restaurants have been shuttered, locked out, and locked down as a result of COVID. It is a huge part of our strategy to empower the bartenders to be ambassadors for our brands. Those bartenders being displaced is a huge, huge opportunity for us to help them, to connect them to our stories. So that coming out of lockdown, they have the ability to drive great experiences not only for our consumers, but in their professional lives as well. So, it’s more than just the brands. It is also giving them the opportunity to hone their craft, and to expand their trade opportunities. So COVID has really impacted us there.

    Shelley: We’ve learned a lot along the way with you on the single integrated platform that you have with Dynamics 365 that really connects your customer data and your marketing automation. Can you talk a little bit about the value there?

    Chad: For us in our organization, we took a crawl, walk, run approach. And we are still in that crawl phase. We have integrated approximately seven different data sources. Those seven different data sources provide us valuable information on our consumers, and it helps us build that relationship and strengthen it, our brand champions, our brand loyalists. The value that we have started to identify is opportunities as simple as, what is the email open rate? What is the total acquisition that we’re acquiring in consumers, in bartenders? What is their engagement level? These are all baseline value metrics that we have going into this and we are learning and growing and expanding.

    Though Campari Group is still in the early stage of their data integration journey, their future roadmap includes connecting to a greater number of customer data sets across markets and new touchpoints such as website interactions. The move from physical to digital engagement enabled by Dynamics 365 Customer Insights has helped Campari Group be more agile and responsive to market changes. They have been able to maintain engagement and respond with timely communications to customers even with some of their traditional channels hugely disrupted due to the pandemic. Watch the full fireside chat here:

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    A future built on strong trust

    Today's customers do not buy just products or services. More and more, their purchase decisions revolve around the experience. In the last year and a half, we've established ourselves as a trusted partner to some of the world's largest brands and retailers including Land O’Lakes, PepsiCo, Walmart, Kroger, and Walgreens Boots Alliance, among others. What these companies have in common is their commitment to delivering compelling experiences for their customers and ability to embrace data to help connect with customers. As we look to the future, with changes in consumer goods and retail, customer data platforms are becoming even more vital for brands and retailers that wish to strengthen their customer relationships. Learn more about Campari Group's success story and Dynamics 365 Customer Insights.

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  • Highlights from Dynamics 365 release wave 2

    Business applications are rapidly evolving to meet the needs of an increasingly digital and complex world. The era of form-based software and simple business logic is history–replaced with data-first, intelligent applications that proactively guide critical business outcomes across the organization.

    The 2020 release wave 2 expands our vision to help you unlock the agility, innovation and resilience to adapt and thrive. More than 500 new and updated capabilities join an unparalleled breadth of intelligent, modular and seamlessly-integrated SaaS applications for the front and back-office; all atop the world-leading Power Platform to enable anyone to create apps and business processes.

    In this time of unprecedented disruptionfrom remote workforces to changing customer expectations to supply chain challengesthis release wave extends investments to help your organization quickly adapt to any conditions with speed and agilityto build resilience into the fabric of the DNA of your company.

    Connected customer experiences

    Managing today's omnichannel customer journey is no easy feat. Customer engagement requires constant attention at every touch point, whether human-assisted, self-serve, or automatic, and doing so requires visibility and collaboration across marketing, sales, and service. The 2020 release wave 2 updates further our vision to seamlessly connect data and insights across departmentsbreaking down the siloes that limit innovation and connected, personalized experiences.

    Microsoft customer data platform (CDP)

    Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights, the Microsoft CDP and fastest-growing Dynamics 365 application, is a foundation for modern customer engagement, all on a trusted platform with unmatched privacy and security. Updates in the 2020 release wave 2 cement the solution as uniquely able to connect data holistically across departments and teams, with AI-powered insights to drive better outcomes.

    Your teams will enjoy the new engagement insights capabilities, which give them a more comprehensive view of customerseasily accessible across teams, and always up to date. Audience insights boost the ability to analyze cross-channel customer interactions from websites, mobile apps, and connected products using engagement insights. And with seamless integration of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Voice, your team can track customer feedback signals across channels to proactively identify insights and drive meaningful engagement when customer sentiment and behaviors change.

    Read more: Announcing new innovations for the Microsoft customer data platform


    We're dedicated to delivering solutions that bridge marketing, sales, and service departments, seamlessly connecting ushering customers from first touch to acquisition to exceptional support. The 2020 release wave 2 updates take steps to connect that journey.

    Over the next six months, we're providing marketers with tools to build relationships and interact with customers at scale in this new world. New capabilities will help them orchestrate customer journeys, align sales and marketing, and make informed decisions. In response to increased demand for digital channels, this release integrates Microsoft Teams for digital events, improves social posting, revamps the customer journey designer, and lets teams use natural language to create target segments easily. And enhanced integration with Dynamics 365 Customer Insights helps teams discover segments and use them directly in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing to make campaigns more targeted and effective.

    Read more: 3 new ways to build customer relationships using Dynamics 365 Marketing


    Customer buying experiences are increasingly digital. In fact, 80 percent of enterprises expect a sustained shift to digital buying and selling methods, where sellers guide and collaborate with customers remotely. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales will help to further streamline the work of sellers and deepen their engagement with customers.

    We're ramping up AI-infused intelligence capabilities to deliver contextual insights that guide sellers to the next best action. Features like sales accelerator, advanced forecasting, and pipeline intelligence help sellers understand the health of the business and make accurately informed strategic decisions. Conversation and relationship intelligence helps sellers focus on activities and interactions that connect with buyers. And sellers can leverage Dynamics 365 Customer Voice to measure sentiment and Net Promoter Score (NPS) metrics to better track and act on customer concerns around sales processes, products, and experiences.

    Read more: Digital selling and customer engagement with Dynamics 365 Sales updates


    We've invested in the critical scenarios that businesses need to optimize support delivery and enhance customer satisfaction, reflected in the expansive scope of features is heading to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service, and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Remote Assist.

    Dynamics 365 Customer Service introduces a milestone in servicethe addition of a native voice channel that empowers service teams with a seamless, end-to-end customer service experience across every channel within a single solution.

    Dynamics 365 Field Service updates increase first-time fix rates with optimized scheduling and enhancements to the mobile experience, added fidelity for asset tracking and management, and improved resource scheduling for increased dispatch and technician efficiency. Plus, updates to Dynamics 365 Remote Assist give technicians more ways to troubleshoot customer issues, allowing technicians and customers to join a mixed reality call; plus enhanced mobile calling capabilities, support for phones without mixed reality capabilities, and added technician calls insights to surface challenge areas and opportunities for improvement.

    Read more: Innovation on the service suite of Dynamics 365 applications

    Streamline finance and operations

    Effectively running a complex organization requires the seamless sharing of data, consistent business processes, and close collaboration across finance and operations departments. That's why we are dedicated to ensuring cross-app capabilities across Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and operations applications. This 2020 release wave 2 continues the journey of making finance and operations data and business process seamlessly available to Dynamics 365 applications, Power Platform, and Microsoft Azure Data Lake Storage.


    For Dynamics 365 Finance, we continue to focus on adding insights and intelligence and automating common processes. Intelligent cash flow forecasting, which previewed in 2020 release wave 1, will be released for general availability along with additional intelligence and automation in vendor invoicing.

    We’ll also enhanced core financials by adding asset leasing. This continues to build confidence in our finance community and eliminate risk as CFOs strive to do, by making sure the system stays compliant with changing accounting regulations.

    The Electronic invoicing add-on (preview) expands the invoicing capabilities in Dynamics 365 Finance, Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management, and Dynamics 365 Project Operations to help organizations save money and reduce risk. The add-on simplifies adherence to the latest electronic invoicing standards, and provides consistent experiences in electronic invoice processing and exchange across different geographies.

    Read more: Optimizing financial processes and reducing risk with Dynamics 365 Finance updates

    For this release wave, Dynamics 365 Business Central investments center on delivering a world-class, comprehensive business management solution for small and midsized organizations.

    We are expanding scenarios across Microsoft experienceswhich today includes integration with Excel, Outlook, Word, and othersby introducing Microsoft Teams as a way to interact with coworkers and improve productivity, workflow, insights, and results.

    A host of additional updates help meet the demands of a rapidly growing customer base, improve the handling of file storage, and address top customer requested features; and service security and performance improvements further safeguard business data and improve application performance.

    Read more: What’s new and planned for Dynamics 365 Business Central

    Supply Chain

    The pandemic took a toll on supply chains, from suppliers to consumers. Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management is introducing new capabilities to keep the production line running and ease the day-to-day work on the factory floor.

    Building on the Cloud and Edge innovation announced at Microsoft Ignite, we're rolling out a new Engineering Change Management add-in, improving the ability to handle changes throughout the lifecycle of a product and ensure they are produced and released in a controlled manner. The new production floor execution feature provides more flexibility with a modern UI and a touch interface that makes managing complex jobs easier, even under the demanding conditions of the production floor.

    New integration with Dynamics 365Guides gives frontline workers interactive, guided instructions right at their workstation. This helps manufacturers adapt to operational complexity on the factory floor with a new set of features focused on usability, so complexity can be managed in real time.

    Read more: Overcome disruptions in your supply chain

    Service-based operations

    Dynamics 365 Project Operations is now generally availablethe business application for service-based businesses that operate in a highly competitive market where winning new deals, retaining the best people, and increasing profit margins are significant challenges. Project Operations is designed to transform and modernize the project delivery lifecycle by bringing together cross-functional teams to deliver differentiated customer experiences.

    In a single applicationseamlessly connected to other Dynamics 365 applicationsyou can bridge your sales, resourcing, project management, and finance teams to win more deals, accelerate delivery, empower employees, and maximize profitability.

    Read more: Optimize your project-centric business with Dynamics 365 Project Operations

    Human Resources

    Dynamics 365 Human Resources provides a comprehensive personnel management solution, including performance, leave and absence, and payroll integration. For the 2020 release wave 2, we’re focused on updates that further help HR professionals empower and engage their workforce, provide modern benefits packages, and stay compliant.

    New self-service capabilities include the ability for employees to manage leave and absence directly from Microsoft Teams. Employees can view time-off balances and submit leave requests, and managers or HR will be notified when a request needs attention.

    A benefits management workspace will provide administrators with a single experience to view items that require action or to track the enrollment progress for a single employee or groups of employees, including progress and associated actions for new hire enrollment, qualifying life events, and open enrollment.

    Other highlights include an enhanced leave and absence workflow experience enhancements and simplified integrations and extensibility, including LinkedIn Talent Hub and Azure Active Directory.

    Read more: Overview of Dynamics 365 Human Resources 2020 release wave 2


    We're heavily investing in innovation for retailersincluding updates in Microsoft Dynamics 365Commerce to further empower retailers to know how best to serve customers' needs, ramp up digital commerce and contactless shopping, and efficiently run operations across the value chain. Read more about 2020 release wave 2 updates to enhance omnichannel shopping with Dynamics 365 Commerce.

    We're also continuing to evolve Microsoft Dynamics 365 Connected Store to offer benefits to retailers that are traditionally available only to online retailers, and to help bridge the physical and digital divide. For instance, you will be able to define a Power Automate workflow that makes inventory recommendations based on dwell time around a specific product, or make shift changes based on queue-length trends. To assist with social distancing, store managers will be able to understand shopper density and social distancing status in monitored areas, and set up notifications when the appropriate safety conditions are not being maintained. Read more about what's new and planned for Dynamics 365 Connected Store, as well as updates announced in July.

    At the point of sale, updates to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection will help protect from purchase and payment fraud, account fraud, and shrinkage fraud while delivering a smooth experiences to online shoppers. Building on the new account protection and loss prevention capabilities announced in July, you'll find tighter integration with Dynamics 365 Commerce and a new "manual review" capability that allows users to flag transactions for review, and then allow expert human agents to consume and adjudicate those transactions. Read more about what's new and planned for Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection.

    Catch up on the 2020 release wave 2

    Review the Dynamics 365 release plans for specific details for each update and additional resources.

    The post Highlights from Dynamics 365 release wave 2 appeared first on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Blog.

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  • Optimizing financial processes and reducing risk with Dynamics 365 Finance updates

    From managing invoicing to maintaining regulatory compliance, finance is often filled with costly, time consuming, and error-prone manual processes. These challenges are exacerbated in times of uncertainty and continue to impact organizations globally.

    The 2020 release wave 2 updates for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance bring additional core functional capabilities, opportunities to automate common processes, and improved global support. Together, these enhancements will help finance organizations prioritize impactful work, build efficiency and agility into their financial processes, and support global growthall while staying compliant with changing accounting regulations.

    Below are the key focus areas for the 2020 release wave 2 including, notable partnerships and capability updates.

    Optimize financial operations

    Simplifying and automating compliance with asset leasing

    Today most organizations are experiencing challenges and making plans that they did not anticipate. In times like these, organizations do not have time to worry about reacting to changes in accounting regulations, yet they cannot risk leaving them unaddressed.

    A core tenant of Dynamics 365 Finance is to enable you to reduce risk, and to automate and modernize your global financial operations. To help you achieve this, we are introducing asset leasing in November 2020. Asset leasing helps you adapt and be compliant to the FASB and IFRS 16 accounting regulations, related to lease management and its financial impact. Asset leasing will reduce manual errors and save your users time through automatic lease status updates, right of use assets, holistic monitoring and analytics, and calculations of net present value, lease interest, and future cash payments.

    Screenshot of Finance and Operations collections process automations

    Bringing world class, enterprise treasury management to Dynamics 365 Finance

    Treasury management is key for customers to plan, organize, and control cash and liquidity within the organization. This entails managing multiple bank accounts, liquidity, borrowings, and general bank interactions using non-integrated systems. Combining these views into a centralized view mitigates risk by providing a single source to manage financial matters and interact with bank systems.

    To address this important need, Dynamics 365 Finance and Kyriba, the global leader in cloud treasury solutions, have entered a strategic partnership to give Microsoft Dynamics 365 customers better visibility into their cash, currency hedging, fraud reduction, and payment solutions.

    • The treasury management solution provides visibility and reporting needed to optimize cash and liquidity, control bank accounts, deliver compliance, and manage in-house banking.
    • Streamline global banking connectivity and format transformation and enable real-time fraud detection with the payments solution.
    • The risk management solution uses extensive business intelligence capabilities to identify, analyze, and mitigate foreign exchange risks.
    • The working capital solution focuses on improving free cash flow and improving EBITDA working capital. This analysis aids in extending payment terms and enables better working capital management.

    Working together, Kyriba and Dynamics 365 Finance have identified out of the box integration capabilities to quickly allow customers to take advantage of the rich capabilities of Kyriba, while having Dynamics 365 Finance as their intelligent, automated system of record for core finance.

    Begin using Kyriba's payment solution integrated with Dynamics 365 Finance today with pre-built startup scenarios based on native payment processing functionality including:

    • Vendor payments and third-party transfers to flow through Kyriba Payments Network.
    • Pre-built bank connectivitymore than 45,000 bank payment scenarios for more than 1,000 banks.
    • Standardize digital payment transformation to enhance visibility and straight through payment processing.
    • Payment status updates returned from the bank directly into Dynamics 365. Status’ include:
      • Initial retrieval of payment transactions by Kyriba.
      • Update of final bank transaction status to payment journals.
      • Tracking details required to link and monitor process status in Kyriba.
    • Visibility of Kyriba processed payment transactions from screens showing information about in-process and final status details.

    Learn more about Kyriba Payments Network for Dynamics 365.

    Protecting your revenue

    Capturing revenue and avoiding missed or late customer payments is essential in the current market environment. The following capabilities are focused on expediting processes and focusing on results related to credit and collections.

    • Automatic collection task creation: Create a rule-based collection strategy using invoice attributes such as payment predictions, due dates, and amounts to automatically create tasks and email reminders. This increases the likelihood of on-time payments, improves incoming cash flow, and saves collections agents' timeenabling them to focus on high value activities.
    • Touch-less email reminders: With the intention to minimize late and missed payments, when enabled, email reminders will be sent automatically to customers with a list containing overdue invoice information.
    Screenshot of Finance and Operations collections process automations

    Adapt quickly and reduce costs

    Operational complexity and risk continue to intensify as organizations grow globally and expand their footprints across regions. Maintaining compliance and adapting to frequently changing regulations is a growing challenge. The following updates are intended to alleviate challenges related to some of the most manual, time-consuming, and error-prone processes in finance.

    • Vendor invoice automation: Save time and reduce labor costs by enabling straight-through, touchless invoice processing. Leverage metrics and analytics on results which provide visibility into the invoice processes' status, highlight errors, and allow accounts payable clerks to find and address issues quickly.
    Screenshot of vendor invoice entry analytics
    • Expanded localizations: Out-of-the-box, country- or region-specific functionality has been expanded to 42 countries and regions to include Bahrain, Hong Kong SAR, Kuwait, Oman, and Qatar. We also have more than 40 ISV localization solutions at AppSource.
    • Electronic Invoicing add-on for Dynamics 365: Organizations have begun to move away from paper invoices to reduce costs and speed up the end-to-end process. Moreover, governments are increasingly turning to electronic invoicing as a key component of tax digitalization. By requiring organizations to digitally submit real-time tax information to tax authorities, governments can minimize tax evasion and manipulation, and reduce fraud. The world is shifting to paperless document processing and, without implementing electronic invoicing, customers' risk compliance issues, unnecessary costs, and lagging behind competitors.

    The Electronic Invoicing add-on extends the electronic invoicing capabilities in Dynamics 365 Finance, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management, and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Operations simplifies adherence to the newest electronic invoicing standards and provides coherent experiences for different geographies in electronic invoice processing and exchange.

    Explore all of the release wave 2 updates for Dynamics 365 Finance

    With the new capabilities offered in the 2020 release wave 2, we continue to enable customers to optimize financial operations, protect their revenue, adapt quickly, and reduce costs. If you're interested in learning more, take a look at the full rundown of updates for Dynamics 365 Finance.

    The post Optimizing financial processes and reducing risk with Dynamics 365 Finance updates appeared first on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Blog.

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