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HR, Time clock & Payroll

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Microsoft Cloud Services

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Business Management Solutions

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ERP Mobile Solutions

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  • New AI features connect and extend insights across the organization

    Today we're unveiling new and enhanced artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities across Dynamics 365 applications, as well as a new solution to help project-centric services organizations transform their operations.

    Joining more than 400 new and updated features in the 2020 wave 1 release, these new capabilities expand a fast-growing set of applications powered by AI-driven insights, and further propel our vision to empower every organization to unify data across the business and use it to power personalized customer experiences and processes.

    Personalize customer experiences with unified data and unmatched time to insight

    Customers expect personalized and consistent experiences across every touchpoint. Many organizations, however, struggle to modernize the customer experience, often due to disconnected systems and data siloes that can't deliver the full picture of the customer's journey across websites, purchases, service calls, and mobile apps.

    Updates to MicrosoftDynamics 365 Customer Insights, Microsoft's customer data platform (CDP), will help solve these issues. We're introducing new first and third-party data connections to further enrich customer profiles that can be updated and activated in real-time, as well as enabling deeper insights with Microsoft Azure Synapse Analytics.

    Customer Insights will now uniquely enrich profiles with a combination of proprietary audience intelligence and 3rd party data sources such as demographics and interests, firmographics, market trends, and product and service usage data. Customers can also integrate Microsoft Forms Pro, the simple, powerful enterprise survey solution, to bring in the valuable voice of the customer across channels, allowing organizations to act on insights based on changing customer behavior and perception. All of this comes together to create a holistic, 360-degree view of a customer and to update those customer profiles and activities in real-time enabling organizations to know their customers and improve engagement.

    Customer Insights is built on a powerful and flexible platform that enables full extensibility. Organizations can derive deeper insights by using Azure Synapse Analytics, which combines customer data with enterprise and streaming data to improve data completeness, run high-speed analytical processing, and build custom machine learning models. This allows organizations to predict customer needs with insights and get guidance on the next best action to reduce churn and capitalize on revenue opportunities for the lifetime of a customer relationship. Organizations can act upon these insights in real-time across multiple destinations through prebuilt APIs to enable onsite clienteling, website personalization, dynamic marketing campaigns, and effective ad targeting.

    As part of the wave 1 release, we're expanding the availability of Customer Insights to government cloud computing (GCC) environments helping to improve the citizen experiences essential to modern government. This means our government and public customers with higher compliance needs can now leverage Customer Insights to better understand and interact with citizens, empower employees, and transform cities at scale.

    Automate sales forecasting with predictive analytics

    In addition to expanded AI capabilities on our customer data platform, we're extending the ability for sales professionals to forecast sales more accurately and introducing a new, unified engagement center for inside sales representatives.

    Available now for Dynamics 365 Sales and for Dynamics 365 Sales Insights, new manual and predictive forecasting capabilities empower sales organizations to have a better understanding of the pipeline, more accurately predict results, and gain visibility into future performance.

    The predictive forecasting capabilities enable the proactive decision-making needed to meet sales goals. Dynamics 365 does this by extracting patterns from customer relationship management (CRM) data, current and historical leads, won or lost opportunities, contacts, accounts, customer interactions such as emails and calls, and more data sources, and then projecting these patterns into the future. Best of all, anyone can access the insights, no data scientists or tech experts needed (a big change from some other forecasting systems).

    Dynamics 365 Sales dashboard with sales forecasting for FY2019 per quarter.

    With a new engagement center designed to accelerate sales, we're giving each inside seller a streamlined way to quickly triage, research, and engage new leads or opportunities. This provides them with their own prioritized work queue to take action on the highest priority leads and tasks based on built-in predictive scoring from Dynamics 365 Sales Insights and new, configurable sales cadences.

    The experience helps sellers stay in the context of Dynamics 365 and quickly move from one lead or opportunity to the next in an AI-prioritized work queue, without needing to switch views to take the next best action. Additional embedded AI capabilities offer sellers a path to a warm introduction, and guidance from the assistant.

    Dynamics 365 Sales Insights customer Regina Murphy profile.

    Transform the back office with AI-infused finance insights

    Not only are we expanding AI capabilities for customer and sales insights, we're also bringing the power of AI to the finance department.
    Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance Insights, coming to preview in May, accelerates your digital transformation by bringing the power of AI into your finance processes. As organizations look to make decisions rapidly, reduce risk, and focus on strategic initiatives, it's critical to free finance from repetitive, time consuming and low value daily activities. Leveraging the power of AI, Finance Insights enables you to not only quickly understand and act on your company’s cash position, but also to take proactive action to improve it. Menial tasks are automated or removed, the barrier of developing or hiring AI-expertise is bypassed, and you’re left with insights to move your business forward.

    Dynamics 365 Finance AI-infused Finance Insights daily cash on hand graph.

    Our continued investment in expanding AI capabilities across Dynamics 365 helps your organization accelerate digital transformation initiatives while empowering employees with insights to drive better business outcomes every day.

    Optimize project success and profitability with the ability to drive operational excellence across service-centric organizations

    How people work today has changed, as has the way organizations run their business operations. Companies across all industries are innovating business models to support project-centric service offerings. And while business optimization has gotten easier with the rise of mobile and cloud technology, organizations continue to stitch together systems and struggle with managing data across disparate systems. These data silos within project-centric businesses and teams are negatively impacting business model transformation, customer acquisition, employee retention, project delivery, and business profitability.

    Today we're announcing a new Dynamics 365 application that connects cross-functional project teams, providing the visibility, collaboration, and insight needed to drive the success of project-centric organizations. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Operations, which will be generally available on October 1, 2020, delivers everything needed to optimize operations from prospect to cash, all in one application.

    Dynamics 365 Project Operations timeline of 10 day project in task view currently in discovery phase.

    Dynamics 365 Project Operations is built on our unified business cloud and leverages our rich-history across front and back office, as well as project management. We're in a unique position to connect project-centric teams around actionable data. By applying the power of Microsoft Project together with Dynamics 365, Microsoft is developing the next generation of tools to reinvent how project-centric organizations operate.

    Explore new applications and features headed to Dynamics 365 and Power Platform

    These new and updated capabilities join hundreds of other updates headed to Dynamics 365 and the Microsoft Power Platform in between April and September 2020, the 2020 wave 1 release.

    We look forward to sharing more updates and customer stories in the weeks and months ahead, including at our Microsoft Business Applications Virtual Launch event on April 2nd. In the meantime, view the 2020 release wave 1 plans for details about all features releasing from April 2020 through September 2020 for Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform. We're also anticipating connecting with thousands of global attendees from our vibrant community at the Microsoft Business Applications Summit in Dallas, TX May 67, 2020. We hope you'll join us as we show the latest innovations and help you get hands on to experience how Microsoft business applications work together seamlessly to unify your data so you can make better decisions with in-the-moment intelligence.

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  • Business Applications ISV Connect: Current update and path forward

    Some of the best experiences I've had at Microsoft have been building new ecosystems and reviving existing ones.

    Last April, the Business Applications team began interviews with ISVs to learn how we can better serve our community. In July, we announced the Business Applications ISV Connect program. Our systems launch in September enabled new co-marketing and co-selling activity linked to revenue sharing from partners and new incentives for Microsoft sellers to work with ISVs. We also invested in ISV-specific engineering efforts, an ongoing refresh of the AppSource marketplace, the launch of the Partner Center, and additional resources focused on ISV success across many teams. All of these efforts were combined to help reboot our Business Applications ecosystem. We like to think of it as pulling all the levers possible within the Microsoft engine to support a new initiative. With the key fundamentals in place to align interests and create momentum, we wanted to take a moment to provide you with an update on our collective progress.

    Today, a few months after our operational launch, we're very pleased by what we've seen so far. Over 900 partners have begun their enrollment in the program and more than 350 partners have already certified their applications into the AppSource marketplace, publishing more than 800 apps to date. We've reduced the time to certify and re-certify applications, engaging directly with hundreds of partners to help answer their questions and get feedback on how to improve our efforts including where to work the kinks out of the new processes and systems.

    In addition to our strong focus on getting partners into the new program and their apps into AppSource, we're working closely with our sales and marketing teams to help them take advantage of the refreshed and certified applications and the growing ISV momentum to support customers in their move to SaaS-based line of business applications.

    Of course, every journey has its twists and turns, and we're still solving the operational issues that come from retiring legacy systems and creating new motions across our many teams and regions around the world. When we don't get it right, it's all hands-on deck to try to figure out what happened and fix it as quickly as we can. We know there is more to do in this area, and our partners have been really helpful in understanding their challenges and giving us suggestions on how to improve; please keep these coming. The good news is that when the levers are pulled and the motions align, the results are exactly what we planned for with ISV Connect, a win-win-win across partners, customers, and Microsoft.

    Here are just two of the examples of partners who've seen some early success with ISV Connect.


    VeriPark logo.

    As an ISV, we feel like a valued member of the Microsoft community. We receive quality leads and have access to some amazing programs that accelerate our business and extend our reach globally. Wim Geukens, Managing Director, VeriPark

    Microsoft needs ISVs who have developed industry-specific solutions and deeply understand the needs of our mutual customers. VeriPark's financial solutions were well-established on the .NET platform when they saw the opportunity to lead the industry shift to the cloud. They chose Microsoft's Dynamics 365 platform and Azure to speed development while also providing the compliance and security that financial services customers require. The result was VeriTouch, a cloud-based CRM solution that gives financial institutions a 360 degree view of customer interactions, with new interfaces like chatbots, the ability to interface with call center applications, and personalized AI-driven recommendations.

    The efficiencies of the Dynamics 365 platform have helped VeriPark achieve a 30 percent profit margin increase since launching VeriTouch. Even more importantly, VeriTouch customers like insurance agency Aksigorta have seen the benefits of the new system, handling a 35 percent increase in call volume and reducing complaint resolution time by 40 percent since deployment.

    The AppSource marketplace is also an effective tool for Veripark. In their first year on the marketplace they received 200 qualified leads, and today more than 50 percent of their leads are produced through the Microsoft partnership.


    Simple company logo

    “Microsoft is astutely aware of how the market is changing and we want to be a part of that.Simple reviewed multiple technology partners, but Microsoft's focus on delivering true digital transformations, investment in Power Apps, and their collaborative global go-to-market approach clearly differentiated them”. Aden Forrest, CEO, Simple

    Simple helps customers make informed upstream marketing planning decisions. Based in Australia, Simple plans to become a global $1 million company within three years. They're chasing a very big opportunity, and planning currently constitutes less than 0.1 percent of their marketing spend, but represents a $1 billion market opportunity in breaking silos across organizations and channels that prevent marketing teams from driving a return on their investment. Simple's Intelligent Marketing Platform, built on Power Platform, provides a single common view across marketing activities and generates data-driven insights.

    Simple spent four years and millions of dollars creating a solution on a competitor's platform, then switched to Microsoft to develop a working solution in just months. The Power Platform reduced development time by 3x and provided native integrations for data analytics and AI.

    “Our partnership with Microsoft has allowed us to change and deliver faster than we could ever have imagined.We believe through Microsoft we have a channel that is second to none.” Aden Forrest, CEO, Simple

    Given their goal to expand across markets, Simple also viewed Microsoft's global reach as essential. The One Commercial Partner team in Australia accelerated Simple's entry into the United States and Europe, allowing Simple to open offices in Chicago and London and bring on their first lighthouse customers. These relationships drive partner revenue across the ecosystem that helps everyone succeed.

    It's worth noting that both VeriPark and Simple have placed their apps into the premium tier of ISV Connect, which unlocks additional co-selling benefits for an additional 10 percent in revenue share. We use this revenue share to directly retire quota for our sellers when they co-sell an ISV's solution, so everyone wins.

    We're in the midst of planning our improvements for the next version of ISV Connect that we'll begin on July 1, 2020. We welcome feedback on how we can create more value for partners to drive innovation through their unique offerings, make use of Microsoft's solutions, and extend their reach to more customers and markets.

    Learn more about how you can benefit from the Microsoft Business Applications ISV Connect program.

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  • Why educators should be looking at marketing automation

    When people hear the words education and automation in the same sentence, many automatically presume the topic is online education.

    But automation crosses disciplines. As the population and social circumstances change, post-secondary education institutions face a shifting array of challenges, including attracting and retaining enrollment as well as reaching the segment that has left without completing degrees.

    In the United States, we're accustomed to thinking of college admissions as being highly competitive with the accompanying presumption that all institutions are full. Why would colleges that are turning applicants away be concerned with marketing?

    What the numbers say

    The facts paint a different picture. According to the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center, over the past three admissions years, overall postsecondary enrollment has decreased. While the 1.3 percent drop in 2019 represents a slight uptick from the previous year (a decrease of 1.7 percent), the overall trend is negative.

    A graph displaying three years of post secondary enrollment dropping by more than 1%.

    During the 2010s, unduplicated fall-term enrollments dropped below 18 million students and declined by more than two million students. The downward trend in enrollment is relatively new. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, Fall enrollment in degree-granting post-secondary institutions increased between 2006 (17.8 million students enrolled) and 2016 (19.8 million), followed by a decrease of 6 percent between 2010 and 2016 and continued decreases through 2019. Overall, a decade of declining enrollment.

    Educational institutions must educate themselves

    In this environment, it's imperative to look for new approaches to reverse these trends. Marketing automation, often thought of as a capability solely built for business, is coming more to the forefront of solutions in education.

    Think about decreasing enrollment. The capabilities of marketing automation can be valuable in identifying, reaching, and nurturing prospective students. By establishing ongoing personalized communications with this audience, institutions can identify trends in goals, interests, and obstacles that affect students and potential students. By reflecting that the school truly understands their concerns and directions, they can open a powerful communications channel and become a strongly considered destination option for those students.

    In short, don't let the name fool you. Marketing automation can provide educational institutions with comprehensive tools to address their current enrollment deficits as well as get ahead of the concerns that they will face in the coming years.

    Clearer vision when looking ahead

    Marketing automation can also be an important tool in helping administrations get in front of changing expectations of students. For example, the email marketing, events management, and survey capabilities in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing provide college administrators and admissions departments insights into what students think of their education, the institution, their goals, their expectations, and other driving forces.

    With that level of information coming in, educational decision-makers can make adjustments to demonstrate that they are responsive to student concerns. They can also better communicate their case as the destination-of-choice for cohorts as they arrive at college age. As the saying goes, knowledge is power.

    Don't overlook the returning student population. The National Student Clearinghouse Research Center reports that in the past five years, there have been 3.8 million "Some college, no degree" students who have re-enrolled. Staying meaningfully connected with them through continuing communications, perhaps even creating a personalized journey for them to guide their return, can have significant impact on enrollment over time.

    Making technology more comfortable to use

    Innovative solutions providers are refining their technologies and interfaces to integrate more readily into the halls of academia. Educational institutions benefit from developers' experiences with business enterprises.

    Businesses adopting marketing automation often look for the technology to be used across their marketing organization, reducing their reliance on technical people and support and empowering their own people. Technology solutions providers have responded by making the user interface and operation more accessible. That's good news for educational institutions that could be wary of unanticipated or unwanted implementation and training obstacles.

    Admissions and alumni relations organizations should look for built-in features such as easy email content design and email campaign management. Of course, every college participates in events, and any marketing automation solution they consider should offer extensive, easy-to-use event management capabilities.

    Transforming from ivy-covered to data-driven

    The trends are clear and so is the mandatetransform how you connect, communicate, and continue with your student population, both present and future.

    In this pivotal moment, educational institutions must recognize that they need innovative solutions to address the societal transformations their students face. Marketing automation can help attract and enroll students more effectively and form a lasting relationship. In a competitive space, it differentiates your institution, provides a consistent message, demonstrates awareness and responsiveness to student needs, and helps you do what all outstanding places of learning must donurture relationships.

    Read the Top Signs You've Outgrown Basic Email Marketing eBook to learn how Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing can be a transformative technology to your college or university.

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